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Involved Giving

Aubrey and Marla holding a piece of paper talking about investing in the Pillar's of Israeli Society
Canadian Hadassah-WIZO

Our approach to giving reflects our strong belief that stewardship and creativity are vital to responding to entrenched social problems.

To make applying for funding easy, we use an online application system. This process allows us to fairly assess all proposals using an integrated, standardized approach. Just as we expect transparency from those we fund, we believe that as a funder we must do the same.


Please see below for our application and funding details.

Application and Funding Details

We invite organizations working in the areas of community, healthcare and education to submit funding proposals. Inquiries and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, however, funding decisions are made throughout two funding cycles: January 1 - March 15 (invite only) and June 1 - August 15.

We aim to make impactful donations to a specific project. The donation amount can be broken up across projects for one organization as agreed in writing prior to the donation being given.

Proposals should be brief, coherent and provide a clear statement of purpose of the charitable organization. In addition, please include:

  • A description of the proposed activity for which the funding is required
  • a list of key participants and collaborators
  • the amount of funding being requested
  • an estimated budget and time frame
  • the organization’s legal name and CRA Registration Number.

*Please note, if you submit an application after August 15, it will not be considered for funding until the following year.

Things to Know Before You Apply

You may have questions. Before you reach out or apply, please check here to see if we’ve already answered them.

We fund projects that address our granting priorities as outlined by our Three Pillars:

  1. Community
  2. Education
  3. Healthcare

Our priority initiatives are Youth Mental Health and Youth Homelessness.

For a description of the Foundation’s goals and values, click here.

We do not consider requests:

  • Which promote the advancement of religion (as defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency)
    • Organizing and providing religious instruction, and preforming pastoral work; or
    • Establishing and maintaining buildings for worship
  • Which promote political platforms
    • To raise money for campaigns; or
    • To raise awareness or money for a specific political party
  • From parties unable to provide substantial financial records or budgets
    • For the entire organization; or
    • For the specific or donation request

Donation amounts are unique to the goals and needs of specific projects and organizations.

We welcome applications from organizations and projects focused in Toronto and surrounding areas.

We accept applications on an ongoing basis and they are reviewed throughout two funding cycles.

  1. January 1- March 15 (invite only)
  2. June 1 – August 15

If you submit an application after August 15th, it will not be considered for funding until the following year.

Using our online application portal.

You will receive an email from a member of our team confirming the receipt of your application.

You will be notified of the status of your application via email.

We will contact you within four weeks of your application submission.

How To Apply

Three steps is all it takes to submit your application

Step 1

Complete all the necessary data fields from our online form

Step 2

Write a short proposal outlining your organization's needs.

Step 3

Submit all necessary information and wait for our decision