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Aubrey & Marla Dan Centre for Women & Babies

Marla and Aubrey's daughter, Alyse, was born three months premature at Women’s College Hospital (now a part of Sunnybrook). The hands-on support offered throughout those first uneasy months of parenthood helped the family build a special connection with the hospital.

Years later that experience would in part motivate the family to donate $8-million to help construct and maintain a new 150,000 square foot facility to house what would be renamed the Aubrey & Marla Dan Centre for Women & Babies. It marked one of the most generous private contributions ever in Canada to a program for women and babies.

The Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is an internationally-renowned facility among the country’s premier names in health sciences. Sunnybrook has forged a reputation as a leader in women’s health and quality academic research. The hospital has grown from delivering 4,000 babies a year in 2008 to upwards of 45,000 in the new facility and provide an unparalleled level of dedicated care. The gift contributed significantly to lifelong, healthy development thanks to the combination of advanced equipment, neonatal expertise and spacious, comfortable surroundings.

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“The Dan family and Sunnybrook have always shared a vision: one in which at-risk women and babies can count on receiving the most advanced, specialized care in the province at Aubrey & Marla Dan Centre for Women & Babies”

Dr. Arthur Zaltz

Chief, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women & Babies Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre