Weston Frontlines

What’s on My Plate

Frontlines addresses the pressing needs of children and youth of Weston and surrounding communities. They provide programs that address the whole child.

What’s on My Plate is a mental health awareness program that features a cooking segment. The program is for youth aged 13 to 17. Each week, the workshop teaches the youth about a different mental illness. Past topics have included depression, eating disorders, gambling addiction and alcoholism. The youth learn a recipe that is related to the specific mental health challenge or stress related matters. For example, youth will make Banana bread and theme of the workshop is called " Don't drive my bananas- How do deal with conflict". The youth who sign up for the workshop get a free meal kit with the ingredients so that they can follow the recipe at home (COVID lockdowns) or it is done in the kitchen at Frontlines when measures are relaxed. Each workshop always has interactive activities such as discussion questions, quizzes and monologues. The online program runs every Wednesday evening from 6 pm to 7 pm on Zoom.

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"The funding from AMDF allows Frontlines to address one of our young people's current pressing need of food security while providing them with tools to cope with life's stressors. More than ever during COVID 19, our young people need spaces to cope."

Stachen Lett-Frederick, MBA, BSW, Bsc

Executive Director, Weston Frontlines Centre/ Frontlines