San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRRA)

Tweens-Teens Mental Health Program

San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRRA) is a not-for-profit social service agency located at the northeast quadrant of the Jane-Finch intersection in the City of Toronto. Our Mission is to create a sense of belonging in the San Romanoway neighbourhood and wider Jane-Finch community by assisting families, individuals, and groups to support each other by building a safer and healthier environment.

The Tween-Teen Girls Mental Health Program offers safe, fair, age-appropriate activities to promote active lifestyle choices. It is important that Tween-Teens understand the difference between being healthy, having a healthy body image, and having high self-esteem. Having an effective Tween-Teens Mental Health Program brings many benefits to youth, families, and communities. Keeping Tween-Teens busy will prevent them from engaging in unsafe behaviour in and around their community. Collaborating and working closely together with the communities to make a local impact to Mental Health through addressing and identifying the differences of every youth. This program will inspire Tween-Teens in becoming young, vibrant, innovative leaders today.

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“It has been an absolute honour partnering with AMDF over the past two (2) years for our Tween-Teen Group. These girls enjoyed the program and five (5) were engaged as volunteers in our Summer Camp and three (3) were hired during Summer Camp as Camp Counsellors. During the Pandemic our staff reached out via zoom to support these girls’ suffering isolation and some issues of depression.”

Stephnie Payne M.Ed.

Executive Director