Child Witness Centre

Trauma-Informed Supports

The Child Witness Centre provides trauma-informed support, education and advocacy for children and youth who are victims or witnesses of abuse, violence or crime in Waterloo Region, Guelph and Wellington County.  We walk with young people and their families on their journey through the criminal justice process, helping them have a voice and fostering healing, hope and wellbeing. 

The primary focus for the organization is ensuring the comfort, support, and provision of information for victimized young people and their families so that they feel informed, supported and included in the process. This approach helps to reduce social isolation, connects them to other community supports and improves their overall mental health and wellbeing. The devastating impact of abuse, violence and crime can go far beyond the immediate hurt and pain – and last for decades! Therefore, the services provided are vital so that individuals are not retraumatized and can heal from their experiences.

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We are saddened the demand for our trauma-informed programs is the highest it has been in our 40-year history. Due to the pandemic, children and youth have missed out on many healthy activities outside the home, while often being trapped with the source of their abuse. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation, enabling us to support over 20 more young victims when it’s needed the most. Youth will move forward with healing, mental wellness, and resiliency, thanks to your financial contribution. We will walk with these young people through the criminal justice process and empower them towards strong futures.

Kim Rodrigues

Executive Director