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Transitional Age Youth Program

LOFT Community Services was first established in 1953, offering housing and community-based support services to youth, adults and seniors facing complex mental and physical health challenges, addictions, dementia, and homelessness. LOFT stands for Leap of Faith Together. We are there where there are few others, reaching out in response to unmet needs.

LOFT’s Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Programs offer services to at-risk and homeless youth up to the age of 26 who face challenges with mental health, physical health and/or substance use. The program is founded on an evidence-based model providing supportive housing and services to address the current youth mental health and homelessness crisis. Our approach is holistic to meet the needs of the whole person.

With the support of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation, LOFT was able to strengthen our wraparound supports and helped youth on their path toward continued education and employment. Studies have shown that 63% to 90% of youth who have struggled with homelessness or precarious housing have also struggled with education, and in most cases do not complete high school. This puts them at higher risk of long-term under- or unemployment, and chronic poverty.

With the funding of Occupational Therapy (OT) Assessments and educational support, we have been able to provide better-tailored support toward young people’s education and employment-related goals. Through the OT Assessments, we gain an understanding about their learning ability and organizational skills and provide follow-up that encourages skills development to support educational readiness and achievement of their goals. We have also eliminated financial barriers to basic needs that support continuing and advancing toward education goals in the way of tutoring, enrolling in virtual high school, funding application fees and certifications that our youth cannot afford.

The rewards to recipients are more than financial, for many the funds represent a show of faith in their goals. This program is another way LOFT and its clients take a Leap of Faith Together.

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“During these challenging times, we thank you for walking alongside us to respond to unmet needs and support our clients.”

Heather McDonald