Interval House

The Children’s Program

Interval House is the first centre for abused women and children in Canada, opening our doors in 1973. As we approach our milestone 50th year, Interval House is now a residential facility which directly supports approximately 150 women and children each year. Interval House is recognized as a national leader in the Violence Against Women (VAW) sector and in the campaign for women’s empowerment. We remain focused on our mandate to help women survivors of intimate partner violence and their children transform their lives and break the cycle of abuse. To achieve this, Interval House provides innovative, specialized services in two central areas: immediate crisis support (The Residential Program) and economic reintegration including access to housing (Building Economic Self Sufficiency or BESS).

Our Children’s Program provides emergency shelter and services that are designed specifically for women and her children/dependents experiencing or threatened by intimate partner violence (IPV).

The goals of the Children’s Program in conjunction with providing a safe shelter environment and effective programming are to:

  • Enable healing from the impact of the abuse;
  • Break the cycle of violence;
  • Introduce new strategies for a violence-free life; and
  • Empower women and children to lead healthy, independent, productive, self-sufficient lives.


Staying at the Forefront: New Program and Services

Since we opened our doors 50 years ago, we have remained committed to researching, developing, and funding (when needed) new ways to serve women and children fleeing violence in the home. For example, we are now in the early phases of developing shared programming that includes women and children coming together in their healing journey and reconnecting after leaving abuse behind.

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"A heartfelt thank you for investing in the Children’s Program at Interval House. The generous gift from the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation allows us to support children living in our shelter through counselling, psychoeducational activities, healthy meals, and most importantly some fun. Your gift transforms and rebuilds their lives and allows children to break the cycle of abuse for future generations to come."

Lesley Ackrill

Executive Co-Director