Smart Wheels Program

MADD Canada’s SmartWheels was designed to educate youth in grades 4-6 about the risk of harms associated with alcohol and drug use before they are at risk.

SmartWheels takes the strongest elements of MADD Canada’s educational programming delivered to schools across Canada since 1994 – proven-effective specialized content, delivered on-site at the schools by specially trained MADD Canada staff – and adds significantly enhanced technology and interactivity.

SmartWheels travels to schools via a 42-foot RV with 350 square feet of interior space, 36 seats and the ability to accommodate four classes and 160 students a day. Each year, the program expands its reach to new regions in Ontario and Saskatchewan, reaching up to 15,000 youth per year in Ontario and 9,000 youth per year in Saskatchewan.

SmartWheels creates exciting new ways for the school system, Educators and MADD Canada to work together to educate and empower youth.

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“Thanks to the support of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation since 2019, MADD Canada has delivered 28 presentations of our SmartWheels program to eight elementary schools across Ontario, reaching youth in grades 4 through 6 with proven-effective safety messaging. Thank you for helping us educate youth about the risk of harms associated with alcohol, drugs and impaired driving before they are at risk. Together, we can create the generation who will put an end to impaired driving.”