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The Darling Home for Kids, situated in Milton, Ontario, provides a space which provides comfort and a break to families facing the daily challenges of caring for a child with complex medical needs. Families are supported in knowing that there is a continuum of care from respite through to palliation and, when needed, end of life care.

Siblings Connect is an opportunity for the siblings of the children accessing services at The Darling Home for Kids to build relationships with each other. The purpose of this group is to connect with other siblings in a relaxed and recreational setting through games and discussion-based activities facilitated by our in-house registered Social Worker. Our goal is for siblings to develop healthy peer supports and coping techniques to feel more prepared to handle stressful situations. Siblings Connect offers support to two age groups: our Juniors, ages 8 – 11, and Seniors, ages 12 – 16.

Parents Connect is a series of drop-in style groups facilitated by our in-house registered Social Worker for parents and caregivers of children accessing services at The Darling Home for Kids. The purpose of these groups is to help parents build relationships with each other and openly share their thoughts and feelings while also sharing resources and providing peer support. The program is geared towards the parents and caregivers of three age demographics: Preschool Age, 0-6years; School Age, 7-14 years and Transitional Aged Youth, 15-18 years.


"This year has been so hard, things kept changing and we were going in and out of school. It was a comfort to know that we could always have someone to talk to at the Siblings Connect Group and that we could rely on it being there” - Siblings Connect Sr

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"One Siblings Connect participant mentioned in a session that she felt the impact of isolation, and that she was feeling more nervous in social situations. She shared that she loves the space at Siblings Connect to openly share those feelings of loneliness, while also practicing social skills with her peers. Without the help of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation this program would not be possible. Many siblings have reported that, since joining Siblings Connect, they feel closer to their medically complex sibling now that they have space to vent about their stressors."

Serena Goel

Registered Social Worker, about the Siblings Connect Program