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Founded in August 2013, our mission is: "To help our youth create their future and improve the lives of those in need." Barbados Canada Foundation (BCF) achieves this through two major areas of focus: Our first focus is the Barbados Canada Foundation Scholarships Program raises funds and fosters funding partnerships to grant scholarships to youth of Barbadian heritage attending college and university in Canada. We are proud to have assisted many students to attend Canadian colleges and universities in diverse areas of study. These students are selected from applicants who demonstrate high academic achievement and participation in community service as well as great financial need. Our second focus is the promotion of healthcare mainly through fundraising for the donation of equipment and supplies to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados (QEH) which is its sole public hospital. We also provide financial donations to Canadian charities that focus on children suffering from cancer, blood disorders, and Sickle Cell Anemia, and support disaster relief from time to time.

The Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation (AMDF) is one of our funding partners in our primary areas of focus, BCF Scholarships and healthcare promotion. AMDF has donated $5,000.00 annually since 2014 to Barbados Canada Foundation of which $4,000.00 funds a scholarship and $1,000 goes towards healthcare. To date, AMDF has donated a total of $45,000, with $36,000 funding scholarships and $9,000 contributing to our healthcare donations.

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"Barbados Canada Foundation is committed to helping the Barbadian community here in Canada and in Barbados with healthcare initiatives, as well as helping Barbadian youth achieve their post-secondary educational goals. The Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation has, over the past 9 years, been a significant and steadfast contributor in helping BCF achieve its healthcare and educational goals in support of our mission. Thank you!”

Charles Broome