JACS Toronto

Programming Support

Established in 2000, JACS Toronto was founded by a group of community volunteers who encountered addiction within their families or close circle of friends. It has steadily built a strong reputation assisting the Toronto Jewish community and beyond combatting issues of mental health and addiction. As a leading and trusted resource in the prevention and treatment of addiction, JACS has three program areas: individual and family therapeutic counseling; facilitated group therapy; and youth and adult community outreach. JACS prioritizes barrier-free access to clinical services, without a waitlist and free of charge or at a reduced fee for those with financial constraints.

General Programming Support: The organization provides counselling, parental counselling, outreach and support group work. They work closely with several addiction treatment centres and mental health facilities throughout Canada and internationally.


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"JACS Toronto saved my life when I was struggling with alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions back in 2006 and it is an honour and a privilege to now lead the organization as President & CEO – JACS gave me a second chance at life! Saving Lives. Supporting Families. Strengthening Communities. That is what JACS Toronto is all about!"

Ori Goldstein, MSW RSW

President & CEO