Abiona Centre For Infant & Early Mental Health (formerly Massey Centre and Humewood House)

Prenatal, Postnatal, and Transitional Housing Programs for Adolescent Moms

The Abiona Centre For Infant & Early Mental Health seeks to create a better future for vulnerable and homeless young mothers and their children through safe housing, mental health support, and educational and life skills programs. We surround young mothers and their children with critical resources during a window of opportunity that can have a huge impact on the trajectory of both the mother and child.

This program provides safe housing, mental health programs, and wraparound supports for homeless and under-housed adolescent mothers, aged 13-24, and their children. Our three locations offer a community of support including onsite high school, children’s programs, job training, life skills programs, and post-secondary support. The young moms leave here equipped to deal with the challenges they will experience as sole support young parents, be self-sufficient, and achieve their full potential. Many young moms have graduated from the Abiona Centre For Infant & Early Mental Health and gone on to attend post-secondary schooling, obtain competitive employment, and build stable lives for themselves and their families. This also affects the next generation as these young moms break the cycle of poverty and their children benefit from more stable lives as they grow up.

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"We are very appreciative of the support of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation. Your generosity provides housing, education, and mental health support for hundreds of adolescent mothers and babies. Because of you, we will strengthen and expand these programs to help even more young moms this year! Thank you for believing in them, and helping empower them to live independent and successful lives in the future."

Ekua Asabea Blair