Blue Door

Peer Support

Founded in 1982 and the largest emergency housing provider in York Region, Blue Door provides lifesaving support to children, youth, men, women, and families at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Providing life-saving mental health support, Blue Door’s Youth Peer Support Program helps very vulnerable 2SLGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness in York Region.

2SLGBTQ+ youth face identity-based rejection, discrimination, and abuse causing many to leave home in search of safety. However, due to discrimination at emergency housing locations, children choose the safety of sleeping on the streets.

To help youth with nowhere safe to turn, Blue Door’s INNclusion provides the first safe, stable housing for 2SLGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness in York Region.

Recognizing that it is not enough to provide youth with a place to stay, the Youth Peer Support Program provides youth with non-clinical informal mental health support.

When a youth arrives with nothing - feeling unloved and hopeless - the Youth Peer Support Worker is their temporary support network, their guiding star. The Youth Peer Support Worker acts as a wiser older friend, neighbour, or aunt, that one person who understands and cares – building youths’ confidence, boosting youths’ self-esteem, helping youth find their way into permanent housing to live a healthy fulfilling life.

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“Generous support from the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation provides funding for a Youth Peer Support Worker as part of Blue Door’s new second stage housing program for 2SLGBTQ+ youth called INNclusion. The Youth Peer Support Worker provides mental health supports for 2SLGBTQ+ youth, helping youth to create and follow a plan that leads to finding a permanent independent home. Thank you Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation for providing this life-saving mentorship to help vulnerable 2SLGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness begin healing from trauma and ultimately overcoming barriers to finding and maintaining a home of their own!”

Michael Braithwaite

CEO of Blue Door