Studio 180

IN CLASS Program

Founded on the belief that live performance inspires us to engage more fully in the world.

Studio 180 Theatre engages, provokes and entertains Toronto audiences through dynamic theatre and innovative Beyond the Stage experiences that delve into social and political issues. Studio 180 IN CLASS offers a wide range of workshop opportunities for more than 1,000 youth annually.

Teacher Testimonial:
"The work that Studio 180 does to help promote discussing challenging and complex subject matter and posing thought-provoking content to young people is absolutely invaluable in any classroom. Their guest artist-educators create safe spaces, where all voices are encouraged and valued, and foster critical thinking, creativity, and the importance of individual thought. I have witnessed some of my students' bravest work as a direct result of the collaborations with Studio 180 artist educators. The works presented, be it in the theatre or virtually through zoom-theatre, allow my students to not only see themselves through the stories and characters depicted within the narratives, but more importantly allow them to empathize with others. Without a doubt, the collaborations that our classroom has had with Studio 180 and their artists are some of the most rewarding experiences that we have had in a tumultuous year where we are craving connection, creativity and collaboration with others." — Robert Hamilton, Drama Teacher, Jean Augustine Secondary School, Peel

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"A partnership with AMDF builds our capacity in the realms of professional development for artist-educators, development of programming for younger students, and the ongoing innovation of our workshops to offer the most diverse, meaningful and inspiring opportunities possible and meet the evolving needs of teachers and students."

Jessica Greenberg

Studio 180 Theatre's Director of Youth and Community Engagement