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Health and Wellness Program

Eva's provides shelter, transitional housing, and programming to help young people build brighter futures free of homelessness.

Eva’s Health and Wellness program provides youth experiencing homeless with in-house health care, crisis supports and comprehensive case management that focuses on addressing their immediate health needs and promoting wellness. Youth access medical and dental care, mental health counselling, substance use supports, reconnect with family and make vital connections to community-based health services.

In the program, young people have the opportunity to engage in many health and wellness activities (i.e. self-care, sexual health, mindfulness, healthy eating, yoga, cooking workshops and more). They develop a personal action plan to help them reach their goals. Health and wellness is a crucial part of their plan because it supports their other goals, such as continuing their education, finding employment, finding housing, and becoming more physically active.

We know that young people are the experts of their lives. They are interested in being healthy and determining the path that supports their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. That is why our Health and Wellness program is central to our vision: for young people to become empowered to make the vital connections they need to be healthy and safe.

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“Eva’s is grateful for the generous support of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation. Their commitment ensures that the young people experiencing homelessness in our community have access to health and wellness programming to support them in addressing their immediate needs and long-term goals. Together, with our front-line team, the youth staying at our shelter sites work to make meaningful community connections, access housing, life skills, and employment opportunities to help build brighter futures.”

Louise Smith

Executive Director