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Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue organization and is a global thought leader on perishable food redistribution. We operate at the intersection of hunger relief and environmental protection, tackling food loss and waste through food redistribution, research, awareness, and education, continually innovating and collaborating to ensure a more sustainable planet. We work with thousands of food businesses from across the supply chain utilizing logistics and technology to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste, thereby diverting unnecessary greenhouse gases from entering the environment. Our inclusive model ensures this healthy surplus food is redirected to thousands of charities and non-profits across the country, providing millions of Canadians experiencing food insecurity access to the nourishment they need.

Harvest Kitchens takes our food rescue efforts to the next level. Working with businesses and non-profits, Harvest Kitchen teams create nutritious and delicious meals using rescued food. These nutritionally balanced meals are available to non-profit organizations who serve meals but lack the kitchen space or staff to cook meals from scratch. Through Harvest Kitchens, we use rescued food that wouldn’t otherwise have a home. It’s just another way we’re making sure that people are fueled, and no good food goes to waste. Here's how it works:

  • Each Harvest Kitchens partner gathers surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, to be used in meal production
  • Working with staff and/or volunteers, the Harvest Kitchens team transforms that surplus food into nutritionally balanced meals
  • The meals are packed in oven-safe trays and labelled
  • The trays are distributed to non-profit organizations in the community

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“The Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation is showing real leadership in the fight against food insecurity. By supporting our Harvest Kitchens program, they are helping support some of the most vulnerable members of our community with access to nutritious prepared meals.”

Lori Nikkel