BeaYoutiful Foundation

Expansion of BeaYoutiful Program in Toronto

The BeaYOUtiful Foundation works with young girls between the ages of 8 to 14 years old, providing programs and workshops that inspire confidence-building and positive body image through mentorship.

BeaYOUtiful is comprised of over 120 female volunteer leaders, who provide a safe and empowering environment that encourages girls to develop a better understanding of their self-worth and build lasting friendships. A recent expansion of BeaYOUtiful in Spring 2020 has introduced new online confidence programs and workshops. Hosted digitally, the BeaYOUtiful Foundation is now reaching communities nationally and will continue to expand in-person programs across Canada in the near future. To date, the BeaYOUtiful Foundation has positively impacted over 1800 girls across Canada.

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"AMDF has been instrumental in the expansion of BeaYOUtiful’s programming in Toronto. With the grant, the Foundation has been able to host 10 digital workshops and programs, reaching 95 girls between the ages of 8 to 14 in the GTA. BeaYOUtiful Foundation plans to further grow their impact in Toronto with in-person workshops and the Inspired By HER Conference in 2022."