The Merry-Go-Round Children's Foundation (ComKids)

Digital Health & Well-Being Program

For 25 years, ComKids has been supporting youth in low-equity, underserved communities across Canada; providing essential digital infrastructure, educational content, and support for those facing significant barriers to digital inclusion, digital literacy, and academic success.

Youth Mental Health has drawn a lot of attention over the last decade creating a growing portfolio of online resources, health clinics/services, and community projects. Due to ComKids’ focus on youth and technology, we want to assess youth mental health through a digital lens; specifically focusing on the interplay between youth mental health and social media use as a digital stressor.

ComKids, in collaboration with Springboard, will design and develop a Youth Mental Health Digital Master Class; Digital Health & Wellbeing, to reflect the increasing mental health challenges young people living in the Digital Age face. The Master Class will engage students in discussions about building and maintaining healthy and balanced relationships with technology and social media. Our aim is to empower young people to critically evaluate their social media exposure and digital stressors to build and maintain healthy, balanced relationships with technology, safeguarding their mental health.

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“We are so excited about the development of the Digital Health & Well-Being program, and we are thankful to the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation for seeing the importance and need for it. These modules will be the beginning of great conversations, deeper understanding, and new learning opportunities for youth.”

Leah Ali

Executive Director