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Children’s Hospital Centre for At-Risk Youth

Established in 1922, to inspire caring people to donate to support excellence in children’s health care and research at Children’s Hospital, TVCC and Children’s Health Research Institute.

Children’s Hospital’s Centre for At-Risk Youth provides culturally/trauma-informed mental health assessment and treatment for refugee and immigrant children and families. The Aubrey and Marla Dan Foundation’s support is helping the centre expand to support Indigenous youth through a new role - Youth Indigenous Wellness Consultant. Mainstream mental health and health care services often don't meet the varied needs of Indigenous populations. As a result, families and youth avoid seeking help until a crisis occurs and they require emergency services.

The Youth Indigenous Wellness Consultant will braid Traditional Ways of Knowing and Western practices to support mental health and wellness for Indigenous youth who access care through Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre. This position will provide holistic services that focus on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being through a cultural, trauma-informed, and family-centered approach.

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“The Aubrey and Marla Dan Foundation is protecting many young futures. Through their generous investment, the Foundation is helping to expand crucial early intervention programming and support the mental health and wellness of Indigenous youth in Western Ontario.”

Scott Fortnum

President and CEO, Children’s Health Foundation