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Based in Toronto, Stella’s Place provides comprehensive services, including personalized peer supports, clinical, online, employment, wellness, creative self-expression studio programs and recovery services. Unique to the organization is the programming’s collaborative design, which draws input from young adults, families and professionals. Lived experience informs the process.

AMDF has directed support to Stella’s Place specifically because it addresses mental health challenges for young adults between the ages of 16-29. The donation has gone towards developing the Bean Bag Chat App, an online peer-to-peer support app that allows clients to access assistance whenever they need, wherever they may be.

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“Thanks to AMDF’s funding, Stella’s Place will help 1,000 young people by increasing the hours of their online app, BeanBagChat. Additionally, partnering with post-secondary institutions to offer online mental health support”

Catherine Dyer

Director of Development, Stella's Place