Performance Festival & Survival Seeds

SummerWorks produces two performing arts festivals annually and is widely recognized as one of the most important platforms for launching new work in Canada. Through industry events, now formalized as the SummerWorks Exchange, SummerWorks’festivals have become destinations for international presenters to seek out performances. The Exchange presents a platform for artists and arts professionals to learn from each other through open table discussions, talks and workshops. These events are built on a culture of learning and growth no matter the level of experience.

The Performance Festival & Survival Seeds provides ASL workshops and equipment at festival shows. In addition, Relaxed Performances are designed to welcome audience members who will benefit from a more relaxed sensory experience and casual environment, including (but not limited to) patrons with an Autism Spectrum Condition, a sensory processing disorder, or a learning disability. There is a more relaxed approach to noise and movement within the theatre space; house lights will remain on at a low level and some minor production changes may be made to reduce the intensity of light, sound and other startling effects.

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"The sustained support of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation has been instrumental in making lasting, positive change. It has enabled us to establish, build upon, and maintain crucial resources for accessibility in the performing arts -- not only for our Festival, but the tools and learning we've been able to provide audience, artists, and staff, has made ripple effects across the sector, and continue to be adopted as best practices in performing arts across the country. We couldn't be more grateful for the impact the foundation's support has made."

Laura Nanni

Artistic & Managing Director