Surival Seeds

Accessibility Program & Seed of Survival

SummerWorks produces two performing arts festivals annually and is widely recognized as one of the most important platforms for launching new work in Canada. Through industry events, now formalized as the SummerWorks Exchange, SummerWorks’festivals have become destinations for international presenters to seek out performances. The Exchange presents a platform for artists and arts professionals to learn from each other through open table discussions, talks and workshops. These events are built on a culture of learning and growth no matter the level of experience.

The Survival Seeds program engages Switch Collective, an interdisciplinary performance group of Queer, Trans& Two Spirit artists. The program will develop a series of skill-sharing workshops with Parkdale community members that will allow participants to share stories about local wisdom and practices of survival and resistance. The project will culminate in a community-held performance in 2022.

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