Youth Without Shelter

Mental Health Clinic

Since 1984, Youth Without Shelter offers shelter and support for youth facing homelessness in the GTA aged 16-24.

The Mental Health Clinic at Youth Without Shelter supports the mental health needs of homeless and at-risk youth.

"Youth Without Shelter welcomes youth from all walks of life, all cultural backgrounds, youth who speak many unique languages, and who encompass different identities and personalities. Despite all these differences, mental health is one commonality they share. The majority of youth who frequent YWS have survived traumatic life events which may contribute to poor mental health. Due to a variety of factors, such as systemic barriers, access to mental health supports is quite challenging. YWS provides more than just a safe bed for the night. We offer mental health supports to past and current residents in an effort to meet their individual mental health needs. We have developed a safe space for youth to express and process their emotions, retell their narrative, explore their identities, and learn skills instrumental in their success as they navigate the demands of life. In providing these services, youth possess the tools to build their self-esteem and celebrate their resilience and inner strength that has accompanied them to YWS."
Ayah, YWS Clinical Manager

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“During the past 18 months, COVID-19 has highlighted the dire need for more mental health supports for young people. The impact has been even more devastating for those youth who are experiencing homelessness. Thanks to the incredible support of AMDF, YWS has been able to increase our level of support for those young people impacted by mental health issues through the establishment of a full time, on-site Mental Health Clinic, providing both immediate crisis care and ongoing therapeutic services. It is a vital part of our goal to reduce barriers for youth so they can achieve their fullest potential.”

Steve Doherty

Executive Director, Youth Without Shelter