Application and Funding Details

We invite organizations working in the areas of youth mental health, youth homelessness, providing access to healthcare, community and educational supports.

Applications for 2022 are currently being accepted by invitation only throughout two funding cycles:
January 4 – March 4 and May 30 – July 29. Unsolicited applications will not be accepted at this time. 

We aim to make impactful donations to a specific program. Donations can be made to one program or broken down across more than one.

All new organizations, programs, and donation requests must be submitted through AMDF’s online portal. See below for more details on how to apply.

*Please note, if you submit an application after July 29, it will not be considered for funding until the following year.

Things to Know Before You Apply

You may have questions. Before you reach out or apply, please check here to see if we’ve already answered them.

We do not consider requests:
  • Which promote the advancement of religion (as defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency)
    • Organizing and providing religious instruction, and preforming pastoral work; or
    • Establishing and maintaining buildings for worship
  • Which promote political platforms
    • To raise money for campaigns; or
    • To raise awareness or money for a specific political party
  • From parties unable to provide substantial financial records or budgets
    • For the entire organization; or
    • For the specific or donation request

Donation amounts are unique to the goals and needs of specific projects and organizations.

We welcome applications from organizations and projects focused in Ontario.

In 2022 there are two funding cycles: 

  1. January 4 – March 4
  2. May 29 – July 29


If you submit an application after July 29, it will not be considered for funding until the following year. 

Using our online application portal. See the “How to Apply Section” below for more details.

Please note, we are not accepting unsolicited applications at this time. To apply, you must be invited by a member of the AMDF Team.

You will receive an email from a member of our team confirming the receipt of your application.

You will be notified of the status of your application via email.

We will contact you within four-six weeks of your application submission.

How to Apply

Three steps is all it takes to submit your application

Step 1

Complete all the necessary data fields from our online form

Step 2

Write a short proposal outlining your organization’s needs.

Step 3

Submit all necessary information and wait for our decision