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Our Purpose

Aubrey and Marla Dan standing in front of a spiral staircase

The Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation (AMDF) is a private non-denominational and non-political family foundation established in 2002 by Aubrey and Marla Dan.

Our goals are to:

  • Give back to the community
  • Build long-standing partnerships
  • Create impact through sustainable change
Our Values

We think there's ample room to imagine the nature of giving.

We are not looking for a quick fix. Long term investment – financially and personally, and in partnership – is how we honour the legacy of giving in our family.

Queen's University
Our Giving

At Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation, we see an opportunity to make a difference in organizations operating within education, healthcare and community-building.

We're especially interested in seeing these funds help to improve services, experiences and resources.

Aubrey and Marla standing in front of Aubrey & Marla Dan Centre for Women & Babies
A group of people flanked by balloons at the DAN Department of Mnagement & Organizational Studies
Western University
Annual Reports

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